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Conceptz Woodscapes series ceilings from Interior Systems International offer many advantages over traditional wood ceilings including – lighter weight, acoustical performance, dimensional stability, and ease of installation. Available in a wide variety of finishes, these ceilings are also a budget-friendly alternative to real wood.


Noisy Restaurant – Problem & Solution

Have you perhaps had a restaurant dining experience where the flavor of your entrée, or wine bouquet helped create a favorite memory? Such moments often include being surrounded by family or friends.  Talking, laughing, and hopefully enjoying excellent service and the perfect ambiance….Read More

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Name of the Product: Look of Metal | Rosati’s Pizza, Chicago, IL

I recently purchased ceiling tiles through Interior Systems for the customer waiting area in my restaurant. I could not be happier with the outcome and design element they add to the buildout, we’ve had countless compliments on how great they look! Interior Systems is not only a kind, courteous and professional company to work with, they also provide an amazing product at a great price! Highly recommended!

Name of the Product: Designer Originals | MGM Grand Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Interior System provides a high quality service that benefits all team members throughout the design and construction process. Klai Juba has worked with Interior Systems on several custom designs for major hotel and casino resorts involving significant areas of ceiling product. They are hands-on, designer friendly and budget conscious, which adds up to a quality product that is consistently brought in on time and on budget. Their services truly offer win-win situations for designers, developers, production managers and contractors.

Name of the Product: Designer Originals | East Asian Library, San Jose, CA

We had a very high-end project that needed custom routing and painting. There were 26 different panel types. Interior Systems custom routed the center score, circular routed the various radii, and provided the various cutouts within the circular routing. They also painted a custom color after the fabrication. Interior Systems also identified a size problem with the base material and provided a solution to correct the problem. We could not have done the project without them. As a result of this project, Interior Systems has provided many other custom solutions to us.

Name of the Product: Look of Metal, Contoura, Frameworks, Details, DesignerOriginals | Minneapolis, MN

We have a long-standing relationship with Interior Systems International. Their team is professional, responsive and customer oriented with personal attention given to each project. Their product offerings are cutting edge and innovative. We proudly recommend their talented team!

Name of the Product: Look of Metal | Tavern at Windsor Park, Williamsville, NY

The ceiling tiles I purchased through Interior Systems gave me exactly the look I wanted for the bar area in which I installed them. I have had many great comments on them and many people ask if they are real tin tiles. For the price I would highly recommend them!

Name of the Product: Look of Metal | Saint Paul Hotel, ST. Paul, MN

ISI’s embossed ceiling tiles have worked well to emulate historic ornamental ceilings while providing the acoustical qualities, accessibility and installation economies that a lay in ceiling tile system affords. They have been able to produce beautiful antiqued metallic finishes for our projects and have assisted us in developing creative solutions to acoustical challenges that we have been faced with.

Nancy Cowette, Cowette Seward Design
Name of the Product: Look of Metal | Piggy’s Restaurant, La Crosse, WI

Even after ten years I still have guests that come in and look at the ceiling and wonder if it is original to the building which is 140 years old. I then get to tell them about Interior Systems International and the excellent work the company did for us.

Chris Roderigue, Piggy's
Address: 1721 Miller Street, La Crosse, WI 54601
Email: ceilings@interiorsystems.com